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A Boston Kinda Wedding

In the realm of objects, two things could not be more important to Allison and Eric: dessert and bicycles. A killer combination. The dinner featured endless home-baked sweets and jars of homemade jam were laid out for guests to take home. Simply delicious.

One of the many plates of cookies awaiting guests.

One of the many plates of cookies awaiting guests.


A field of homemade jam to take home

A field of homemade jam to take home.

This wasn’t a gig, this was a family friend’s wedding in Massachusetts. Well, it wasn’t a gig until I was asked to photograph the out-of-towners dinner the night before the big event. Luckily for all of us, I had just gotten my hands on my new camera, so I used it as a chance to take it for a spin. Here’s what I got.

Friends from all around

 Friends from long and far gathering with the happy couple.

High school teachers were back

A speciality of the evening: not only friends from growing up but some teachers,  too.

I tried to let the hired photographers do their job on Sunday and enjoy being a part of the celebrations, but I couldn’t resist photographing their gorgeous ketubah (wedding contract).

AllisonAndEric-Sunday-3And that is what I’ve got for this first round of wedding photography. Next up: Berlin.