Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sonntagskonzerte am Bodemuseum

Throughout the summer, Clärchens Ballhaus puts on a free classical concert series called Sat one of my favorite spots in Mitte, the bridge behind the Bode Museum on Museumsinsel. Appropriately, the series is called Sonntagskonzerte am Bodemuseum, Suday Concerts at the Bode Museum. These photographs are from the opening concert this summer on July 14th, 2013, which featured the Klaviertrio Würzburg.

The Klaviertrio Würzburg, during their concert.

The trio played in front of the Bode Museum, on a bridge over Museumsinsel.

Clärchens Ballhaus organizes the concerts in front of the Bode Museum.

Warming up before the show.

Local Vodka by Our/Berlin

The Distiller’s Edition series is growing, this time with a visit to the Our/Berlin distillery, where a delicious, smooth Vodka finds its way to bottles.

In addition to delicious, they have an intriguing business model. Their stunning alembic, where the magic happens

The caps, just waiting for a bottle

And here is a case of their vodka, ready to go

Check them out here, and stay tuned for more images in the gallery, coming soon.